Thunder Hill Clinton

HillClinton at about six weeks

Who is HillClinton?

HillClinton also known as "Thunder Hill Clinton" is a five year old Irish draft horse, pictured here as a six week old foal in 2006.

Hill Clinton was born and raised in the County of Cork on the south coast of Ireland. He has no aspirations to run for the roses preferring those long lazy mornings in pastures of green.

Why HillClinton?

Hill Clinton is the best translation we can find for the Gaelic "Cnoc na ChliontŠin". An alternative translated from "Cnoc na Cluinteach" would give something akin to "The Hill of the Gossip Monger". Which does not describe our "HillClinton" and anyway is quite a mouthful.

HillClinton at about six weeks

Contacting HillClinton?

HillClinton can be contacted by emailing:
hill at hillclinton dot org
Of course you must replace "at" with "@" and "dot" with "." and remove any spaces.

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